Frequently asked questions - Mese MURA - mese cu foc

Could MURA tables be used indoors?

No. Fire pit tables are designed for outdoor use only.

Are fire pit tables produced aboard compatible with Romanian gas bottles?

No. Hence our recommendation that you buy our products.

Does the product come with a warranty?

We provide 2 year warranty that covers malfunctioning components.

Is the product delivered already assembled?

Yes. Fire pit tables are supplied with all components assembled.

Is the product delivered with the gas bottle?

No. It’s up to you to purchase the gas bottle. We deliver the fire pit tables with the integrated burner.

What kind of gas bottle does the fire pit table require?

The burner works on 3 liter and 5 liter GPL gas bottles.

Does the flame release heat?

Yes. However, it does so without heating the assembly (fire pit table/components).

Is the flame adjustable?

Yes. Flame height is adjustable to a height of maximum 20cm. However, in such cases gas consumption will increase accordingly.

What kind of delivery do you use?

Product is delivered in approximately 3 weeks. Depending on the ordered quantity, delivery term may vary and will be discussed objectively.

How can I return the product?

Product may be returned within 30 days from delivery. We recommend that you keep the original packaging so that product may be returned under safe conditions. If you don’t have the original packaging anymore it is your responsibility to pack the product so as to prevent any damaging during transportation. Returned products have to comply with the following terms:

  1. Product must be new, unused.
  2. Product must be returned with all delivered accessories.
  3. Return fees will be deducted from product value.
  4. An additional 10% return fee will be charged to your account to cover the costs for product inspection and inclusion in stock items. This additional charge will also be deducted from product value. The additional charge will be annulled if you wish to purchase a product of a similar value or of a value higher than the returned one. However, the transportation fees remain chargeable.
  5. Product value will be reimbursed within 30 days.

Can I cancel an order?

Products are being prepared for delivery in a number of days. If you change your mind about the product you ordered, please contact us as soon as possible and we will try and cancel the order. If product is already on its way to you then the rules regarding returned products apply.

How can I maintain and clean the product?

Your product needs proper care to remain as good as new. With adequate care the product finishing lacquer will act as a better protection and will add up for longer preservation of your product. That’s why we recommend that you:

  1. Avoid extreme temperature variations by placing the fire pit table away from radiators, heat and air conditioning.
  2. Use special coasters for glasses, mugs and plates to avoid scratching.
  3. Immediately clean any liquids spilled on the table.
  4. Dust the table with a clean, dry and soft cloth.
  5. Cover the table with a cover when unused, and not leave out in the rain or direct sunlight.
  6. Store the fire pit table covered and indoors during the winter.

Do you have covers for the products?

No. For the moment there are no covers available, but we recommend that you use standard table covers.

Do you have custom made products?

Yes. The tables we produce may be created by your design, sizes and choice of raw materials.

Can you use the client’s materials?

No. Since we are the ones that are directly accountable for the quality standards we chose to use only our materials for the finite products so that we can deliver a long lasting and refined product.